running. | poem

Ananya C
Aug 11, 2021


‘Three Steps of Anger’ by Livia Oboroceanu, from Saatchi Art.

she lost respect for humanity

it was way too late to mend

almost on the brink of insanity

she was sick of playing pretend.

it was very tiring

putting up with things she didn’t deserve

look at you devilishly smiling

you couldn’t care less about striking a nerve.

how selfish of you to use

avoidance as a response

stop trying to excuse

trapping her in a box.

she had no other option

than to run with a stolen car

your story was a concoction

playing devil’s advocate doesn’t get you very far.

she wished the worse upon you

it’s funny how you never saw it coming

look what you got yourself into

maybe you should’ve been the one running.